Can't install anything anymore `attribute 'recursiveUpdate' missing`

I am using flox 0.1.5-r448-0.0.10-r234 and installing packages doesn’t work for me anymore:

flox install graphviz                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             path '/Users/etorreborre' does not contain a 'flake.nix', searching up
error: could not find a flake.nix file
error: attribute 'recursiveUpdate' missing

       at /nix/store/r0jjmrfli6mn359d73pfshbx3wkvrslf-source/flake.nix:34:11:

           33|         context:
           34|           lib.recursiveUpdate {
             |           ^
           35|             config.plugins = capacitor.defaultPlugins ++ defaultPlugins;
(use '--show-trace' to show detailed location information)

ERROR: failed to install packages: flake:nixpkgs-flox#evalCatalog.aarch64-darwin.stable.graphviz

What can I do? Thanks.

I know we have a big codebase migration underway this morning, my gut tells me that this is probably related and may clear up today.

Having said that I recognize that this is a very high priority issue and I’ll track it closely.

Could you provide the precise install command you used?

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I just retried with the installer on the website (MacOS M1/M2) and I am getting the same issue.

Engineering confirmed this is related to our migration. It should clear up shortly, hopefully in the next few hours. Apologies for the blocker.

I’ll be making an announcement in a few minutes that alerts users about the temporary outage.

Edit: you can follow updates on this migration here Temporary Outage

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Thanks Alex, it was a bit scary for a minute :grinning:

Have no fear, your regularly scheduled programming will return shortly :call_me_hand:

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I confirm that everything is working fine now :sweat_smile:.

BTW, I noticed that some dirty versions made it to stable.flox.flox:


Thanks for the follow up. I’ll let folks know about the dirty versions.

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Hi @etorreborre - thanks for the heads up. This is related to the recent repo work and is simply a release version naming issue we are still sorting out. In this instance “dirty” refers to the git meaning of “dirty” (ie with no identifiable commit reference, it doesn’t mean “not broken” or “unstable”), the releases are a side effect of our changes but were built properly against the stable version of nixpkgs.

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