Can't uninstall flox-prerelease

Hi Eric. You asked if it would make sense to start over with your default environment and I would say yes, it would be good to clear out the old format metadata. Let’s start by doing that:

flox push # to make sure you have a backup
flox export > /tmp/default.tar
flox destroy
flox import < /tmp/default.tar
flox edit # remove mention of prerelease 
flox push —force # to remove old history upstream

That should do it - if any of those steps don’t work please can you repeat with —debug and send the output?

On the topic of prerelease, I suggest you switch to using the flox-managed flox/prerelease environment going forward. Not only does it provide you with the latest flox but will soon also provide the necessary magic to enable flox command line completion. Good stuff. :+1:

(More background info on our plans for flox-managed environments is available here.)

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