Dream2nix integration?

I tried to package very simple project, very similar to hello-python with flox and I couldn’t do it. I copied each files one-by-one from example to new folder , renamed and still couldn’t do it, even if branch pre-flox works fine :smiley:

Still this requires specifying packages directly. I tried dream2nix using flox flox nix ... and it produced valid packages, altough shell is not expanding path automatically.

Do you plan to include dream2nix or create code by yourself to support this kind of easy package builds using impure pip ?

We have been experimenting with support for impure builders and have some prototypes, we’re excited to showcase these soon. These are of course just prototypes at this stage and we cannot commit to any guarantees about them being supported ( I hope they do though ).

As for integration with lang2nix tools like dream2nix, floco, node2nix, etc - it is currently possible to use these with flox but we currently lack “proper integration”. We’re working on a cleaner interface for using “regular” nix flakes and expressions with flox which will hopefully make this usage easier. For now I do have an example of using floco ( a lang2nix tool ) with flox in this thread which you may find useful: Install nodejs package to env - #4 by aameen