Flox develop --stability unstable does not work

The flox help says:

flox <development-command> \
           [ --stability (stable|staging|unstable) ] \
           [ (-d|--date) <date_string> ] [ <args> ]

but when I type flox develop --stability unstable I get
error: unrecognised flag '--stability'

(I’m using flox-0.0.6-rc45).

Thank you for the bug report. It is with the engineers and we hope to have an update pushed out later this week. :slight_smile:

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I’ve fixed that part of the usage string to read as follows:

development commands:
    flox [--stability (stable|staging|unstable)] \
         [(-d|--date) <date_string>] <command> [<args>]
    flox init - initialize flox expressions for current project
    flox build - build package from current project
    flox develop - launch development shell for current project
    flox publish [--publish-to <gitURL>] [--upstream-url <gitURL>] \
                 [--copy-to <nixURI>] [--copy-from <nixURI>] \
                 [--render-path <dir>] [--key-file <file>]
         - build and publish project to flox channel
    flox run - run app from current project
    flox shell - run a shell in which the current project is available

You should find that flox --stability unstable develop doesn’t throw an error. The updated version should hit production some time tomorrow.

Of course there is still the related issue that the --stability flag isn’t actually changing the stability used for the subsequent develop invocation, but we’re working on that too and hope to have a fix out for that by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thanks for the bug report!

Thanks Michael for your prompt reply and upcoming fix :slight_smile:

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Just wrapping up thread and confirming that flox has been updated and the current version is flox-0.0.6-r49. Any issues, just let us know. :slight_smile:

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