Is there a way to start pure shell for a development of new package?

I normally love the impure shells that extend the tools available on the system. However, I am working on a new package that others should be able to install. If I enter flox develop, everything is going well but commands in limited mkDerivation build, things are failing. I want to be able to iterativelly add/fix stuff inside build-like shell to see what is needed to be fixed.

Standard nix-shell is preety much pure unless set otherwise. Should I use nix-shell to develop package to be then added/used in Flox envs?


Since we are focused on environments, the suite of commands for building packages is currently implemented as fairly shallow wrappers around nix.
For commands that we don’t expose through flox directly (that includes flox develop) you can run them as flox nix ` if you only have flox installed or to use flox curated stabilities.

For your use case in particular, you might be interested in [flox] nix develop --ignore-environment and [flox] nix develop --keep.

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