Is there native approach to `flox nix store gc`?

I wanted to free up some space and ran this command. It “cleaned up” over 50% of space so maybe it did free up something more than needed (older generations?) but so far I do not see issues. I am happy with current generation so I don’t need rollbacks, it would be nice to know if any native flox commands can be done to restore some space (I had 32 packages and 19GB taken, now it’s only 9GB)

Thanks for writing in.
Could you clarify what you mean by “native”?

One that does not use nix subcommand that I use whenever I want to hack around


Right now, no not really unfortunately. We have this on our sprint planning to get a “proper” solution created in the coming weeks though, so keep an eye out.

In the mean time you’ll basically need to manually garbage collect with the nix subcommand and by clearing out ~/.local/share/flox/environments/local/ symlinks to “old” generations.