Upgrade to the latest awscli2 package

I’m trying to install the latest aws cli tool, which is 2.15.38, but I can’t find the right commands to do this. Is it not possible to install packages from unstable anymore? (this is currently a blocker for me).

The currently released version of flox only supports pulling from one rev of nixpkgs. We are actively working on a full solution to solve this exact issue, but it’s not yet available.

In the mean time, as an escape hatch, you can try setting _PKGDB_GA_REGISTRY_REF_OR_REV in your environment to a git revision of nixpkgs you want to pull from that has the version you want.
This will set the revision that flox pulls from for all the packages.

To get back to normal, you can run flox update without that environment var set.

It’s not the cleanest, but hopefully it’ll help keep things moving for you.

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I tried what you are suggesting with revision e3cd6c03dbfbd9975dd720195b5b87a1fb29fe6e (the latest on main), but then when I install with flox install awscli2@2.15.38 I’m getting ERROR: Could not find package awscli2.

Try running flox update, and a flox show awscli2 to confirm it’s the version you’re looking for. I exported _PKGDB_GA_REGISTRY_REF_OR_REV=e3cd6c03dbfbd9975dd720195b5b87a1fb29fe6e and that seemed to work here, showing awscli2@2.15.38. If that doesn’t work for you, we’ll dig a bit deeper.

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That took a bit of time but that works now. Thanks a lot Bill!

Yeah, it’ll re-eval the different rev which could take a little bit. Glad you’re up and running, and looking forward to getting the real solution out there!