Welcome to flox!

Welcome to flox discourse! Please use this forum to ask questions, report bugs, and request new features! We’re excited to see what you build!

flox is a universal package manger, build framework, and deployment framework built on Nix to make reproducible, reliable packages available in any deployment context.

As a package manager, flox provides access to the largest, freshest collection of Open Source software in the world and ensures packages installed with it run identically everywhere, no matter what else is installed on the host. As a build framework, flox gives developers the power to make their own packages reproducible, self-contained, and installable via flox. And as a deployment framework, flox synchronizes curated collections of packages across machines, updates them automatically overtime, and enables global atomic rollbacks and upgrades.

This is all made possible by the open source projects we built flox on top of – Nix, Nixpkgs, and NixOS – and the community that supports them.

We think there are countless uses for this platform, and we’re really excited to see what you do with it.

Get started with flox.dev/docs!