What can I do about this warning? "flag ... does not match any input"

Hi, I am getting the following warning when running flox develop

± flox develop
warning: the flag '--override-input flox-floxpkgs/nixpkgs/nixpkgs flake:nixpkgs-stable' does not match any input

This is with 0.0.8-r123 and this project: GitHub - etorreborre/registry: Components as records of functions for Haskell.

Do I need to change anything in my flake definition?

Yes, this is the “floxpkgs” to “flox-floxpkgs” rename issue. This would require an update to your Lines 4 and 11 in the flake.nix

Then a flox flake update should resolve the warnings.

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Got it, no more warning now, thanks.