WSL2 install failing on `flox nix store ping` step

Hello, Am following WSL 2 install instructions. On Debian, I installed the flox 1.0.2 .deb for my platform and ps aux shows the /usr/bin/nix-daemon running. The step after this is failing:

$ flox nix store ping
❌ ERROR: no such command or positional: `nix`, did you mean `init`?

I’d also add that

$ which nix

Any suggestions are appreciated! By the way, I discovered Flox via this interview: filtra Hope I can get it working! Cheers.

welcome welcome! oop - this might be an error our our behalf (Flox person here). you can just run nix commands as-is without the flox nix prefix. will make a correction of that in the doc. let us know if you see anything else!