Any downsides on using flakes directly?

I had the case that “gimme-aws-creds” was updated 2 days ago and it has some fixes I need. Flox packages seem to be on a 2-week cycle so I just flox subscribed to Nike-Inc/gimme-aws-creds and I have a new version with “” added in the proper place.

I didn’t notice in docs that you mention that subscribe can be used for any Flakes so I want to ask - is there any downside to using this method for fetching newer packages?

Hi @alkuzad! The only downside I can think of is that since you are not using our catalog, there is a chance in the future that this flake may break and therefore break your ability to upgrade your environment as a result. You are fine doing this for now as you can later replace it with the nixpkgs version once that has been updated in the catalog. :slight_smile:

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