Confused by "Install with existing Nix installation" documentation

Hi there,

I’m trying out Flox on my NixOS system (managed via plain configuration.nix). I was confused by the some Install doc section, stating:

The Flox installer will perform some opinionated configuration of Nix, but Nix will still be usable. […] it’s worth noting that anyone wishing to revert to a “vanilla” Nix installation after installing Flox will need to re-install Nix.

At first I though Flox would somehow override my current Nix or NixOS installation, but I just ran

nix profile install --impure \
      --experimental-features "nix-command flakes" \
      --accept-flake-config \

And it works fine without having impacted my system or Nix installation. Did I miss something?

Or maybe this section is not supposed to appear when installing Flox via the NixOS tab ? It seems this warning appears whatever the installation method chosen, so maybe it does not apply to NixOS-based installation ?

Yeah currently that note is in a separate section, so changing the tab doesn’t hide it. But you’re right - for Nix/NixOS installation, it doesn’t perform any opinionated config. Maybe we need to move that warning inside the tab so it’s less confusing

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Thanks for clarifying !