Dependencies in the OS but not in flox

I’m developing a python app that uses an audio package which makes calls to ffmpeg.

It was working ok in my computer as I had ffmpeg installed in the OS, but failed in another computer as I was missing it.

The general question is how can I be sure that the flox environment has all the dependencies needed.

I know this could be vague, “ls” is a needed dependency? But wanted to know if I’m missing something.

I can remove everything in the path but flox, but there are still access to files, libraries, etc.

I guess that it’s a good selling point of docker, you have to be explicit about everything needed


An easy way to verify that you’ve got all you need ‘in the box’ for Flox right now is to use the experimental containerize option (only works on Linux, not macOS yet) and test in the image. You can also try running in a bare VM to verify you have everything you need.

I agree this isn’t as easy a mechanism to test but we haven’t yet designed a more elegant solution to activate a Flox environment in ‘isolation’ or ‘clean room’ mode. Open to any ideas!

Ok, thanks for the tip!

mmm, maybe a different mount namespace?
Or sniffing file access and report if there is something outside of the workspace.

related issue in flox/flox → Support for `firejail` like sandboxes? · Issue #1199 · flox/flox · GitHub