Does Flox allow for using multiple arbitrary independent package versions while not introducing the need to download a separate version of nixpkgs for each package?

I saw that Flox offers multiple versions of the same package, so I’m wondering: can it solve the problem described in Question about using multiple nixpkgs pinned versions in automation and consequent bloat - Help - NixOS Discourse ?

From what I’ve read in, the answer is no: flox offers a limited selection of versions. Is this answer correct?

Yes the Catalog was designed explicitly for this purpose.

What we’re working on in the next few weeks is improving the UX and documentation surrounding the catalog. Currently it’s possible create a catalog and publish packages to it using the guides we have, but I’ll admit they leave a bit to be desired. Nonetheless we use the catalog system daily to solve the problem discussed in thread you’ve linked.

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I’m curious as to how it achieves this, so I’ll be eagerly waiting for the relevant documentation.

Thank you.