I am puzzled with 0.9

Technically it looks like a good improvement, a lot of stuff is polished, flox.hub could help with sharing. But moving from Nix to TOML seems a wrong move to me. I am a pretty unadvanced user of Nix/Flox but still, my use cases involved creating packages with overrides or selecting the exact commit of Nixpkgs because the version I wanted was not on the floxpkgs list anymore.

Do you want to translate these to TOML somehow, or just enable people to add their own Nix expressions on top of the packages?

thanks for the feedback!

because the version I wanted was not on the floxpkgs list anymore.

we’re working on adding multiple versions of software back to Flox which you will be able to reference with the TOML manifest.

this functionality will return as well, you may not want to adopt Flox at 0.9 until build and publish have returned (planned later this year).

I don’t necessarily mean building packages myself like creating my packages but, some stuff does not work without changes:

 42   inline.packages.spotify-player = { system, ...}: let
 43     nixpkgs = builtins.getFlake
 44                 "github:NixOS/nixpkgs/4419fb243a7c9f5ce5d477dc627b4958dbd18602";
 45     in
 46       nixpkgs.legacyPackages.${system}.spotify-player.override {
 47         withAudioBackend = "pulseaudio";
 48         withLyrics = false;
 49         withMediaControl = false;
 50         withNotify = false;
 51         withSixel = false;
 52       };

Ah, we are working on adding unfree package support back to Flox in the next few weeks. We will give you the ability to do overrides like this by either a special build of spotify to do package changes or flake support which is coming soon as well. Unfortunately neither option is available quite yet but hopefully not too long!

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