Error following First Environment Step in Docs

When following the docs (Documentation), I’m hitting this errror:

flox install cowsay
warning: error: unable to download ‘’: SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK (60); retrying in 321 ms
ERROR: failed to install packages: flake:nixpkgs-flox#evalCatalog.aarch64-darwin.stable.cowsay

This is on a M1 Mac with a clean flox install.

Hi there thanks for reporting!

I’m not able to reproduce in a fresh M1 VM. I’m also getting something signed from that URL. Can you reach that URL directly?

Chrome gives me an insecure connection

Ah, this might be related to an internal site blocker? Digging in on our end.

Confirmed, it’s an issue on our end, thanks Matthew!


No problem thanks for flagging!