Is ssh github to flox/flox hardcoded value?

It seems after the upgrade to newest version, my flox broke with requirement for ssh key to flox/flox.

Hi @anon59756714 - can you please confirm the version you are running (I am guessing v0.3.6) and how you installed it? Is this from an auto-upgrade or did you download and install it from the website?

I did upgrade via apt, then downgraded via dpkg but the problem with Flox wanting to download flox/flox via ssh still persisted. Seems after restart on 0.3.4-r638 it’s fine now, idk if this is related to flox or just system settings but I didn’t touch my Git config.

Hi @anon59756714 - just so we understand, what version were you using

  1. prior to making any changes
  2. after your upgrade via apt
  3. after you downgraded via dpkg (I am guessing in your last reply you downgraded via dpkg to v0.3.4-r638?)

We need to understand the sequence to see what has happened and see if you hit a bug or something else is going on.

0.3.4-r638 then apt upgrade to the 0.3.6, try to do a flox upgrade and fail, then downgrade to cached 0.3.4-r638, still failing. Removed ~/.cache/flox (didn’t know that this holds a default env definition …), try flox install age and it fails with the same “cannot download flox/flox using git ssh”. I restarted PC today and it works on 0.3.4 somehow, despite I didn’t change anything related to git. Maybe bash session was holding something related?

many thanks! I’ll pass this info over to our engineers to see what they say. :+1: