Flox vs Daytona

Seems Flox & Daytona are both doing the ‘dev containers’ thing, The surface-level technical and usability angles I really can’t tell the difference from the websites. One thing I can easily tell the difference is the history/background:
Flox grew out of Nix-Linux distro/packaging
Daytona spun out of a hosted code editor & has quite a few big-name investors:

Is anyone able to highlight other differences?
Are they compatible?


with any technology that’s helping developer tooling there will be some similarities in step 1. With any remote developer environment (Daytona, GitHub Actions, Coder, etc.) we would hope to see Flox as an engine in those technologies. I think initially at this step the products appear similar but the underlying implementations are different and they could become complimentary–Flox is definitely a batteries included CLI that can run on most unix-based systems where Daytona is pushing towards remote developer environments.

Best part about both products is they are free to use so you could take it for a drive and feel some of the differences for yourself on a project of choice. If you have any feedback for us we’d love to hear it!