Glances package outdated and python311Packages.glances-api missing


as per subject, the unstable.glances packages is v3.3.1 while the latest I find on nix is v3.4.0.2.

Also, I can’t find the unstable.python311Packages.glances-api package, available on nix.

This is happening on several packages (some of which I reported in the past), what I don’t understand is this: if flox is based on nix, and it leverages nix repositories, why is this happening?

Thanks a lot for the support.

We have a rolling release schedule that lags a few days behind nixpkgs.
During that time we’re actually building and caching “locked” forms of those unstable packages to ensure they are reproducible for our users.

In general you should see updates from nixpkgs nightly, but depending on the queue they may take a day or more.

You can still install packages directly from upstream nixpkgs by using the URI flox install github:NixOS/nixpkgs#python311Packages.glances-api which will get you the latest upstream package.

Glances v3.3.1 is 6 months old. It’s not some days…I wouldn’t have opened a topic for only some days. That’s why I asked how it works. It’s not just a matter of waiting some days…that would be absolutely acceptable. But for some packages I found they were way behind.

Yes I learned that from @robinbrantley for the speedtest package that was totally missing: flox install 'nixpkgs#ookla-speedtest'. What’s the difference between:

flox install github:NixOS/nixpkgs#python311Packages.glances-api


flox install nixpkgs#python311Packages.glances-api

Is it the same channel?

Hi @alexdelprete - I’ve been working behind the scenes over the weekend with @limeytexan to restart the automatic update. There was an issue internally and upstream that caused problems with the automation. It has been manually rolled forward and we are looking further into what happened and improving the monitoring around this process. I’m sorry you keep tripping over this in the meantime.

I note that v3.4.0.2 is now available albeit the fact its stability isn’t shown isn’t ideal. I have logged a ticket to get that addressed as well.

**glances** - Cross-platform curses-based monitoring tool

I’m not yet sure why the unstable.python311Packages.glances-api package isn’t available though…

Don’t worry at all. It’s quite frequent in my experience on a lot of opensource projects that I find strange stuff happening always to me. I’m used to it. :slight_smile:

I imagined there was something strange in the update process, that’s why I’m always giving you and the team feedbacks about it, I hope to not seem compulsive about it, it’s just that I’m worried that the update process has issues that maybe were not being caught by the monitoring process.

I installed glances as suggested, with flox install github:NixOS/nixpkgs#glances. And noticed that if I try to remove it with flox remove github:NixOS/nixpkgs#glances it wouldn’t find it. Luckily I can list and use the item # to remove it from the environment.

I just installed glances in the standard way:

❯ flox install unstable.glances
warning: input 'flox' has an override for a non-existent input 'nixpkgs-flox'
warning: input 'flox' has an override for a non-existent input 'nixpkgs-flox'
warning: input 'flox' has an override for a non-existent input 'nixpkgs-flox'
Installed 'unstable.glances' package(s) into 'default' environment.
❯ glances --version
Glances v3.4.0.2 with PsUtil v5.9.5
Log file: /root/.local/share/glances/glances.log

BTW: is there a way to stop those warnings? it happens with many flox commands…

Thanks a lot for all the support. :slight_smile:

Hi @alexdelprete - we very much appreciate you feedback and raising these issues for the exact reasons you highlight. Please do keep them coming. :slight_smile:

yup, those spurious warnings warning: input 'flox' has an override for a non-existent input 'nixpkgs-flox' we get as well and definitely want to get them squelched. In the meantime, they are unrelated and can be ignored.

Re the issue with flox remove - thanks for highlighting this!

@alexdelprete - re your query around python311Packages.glances-api not being there: the reason it isn’t showing up is because we aren’t rolling python packages into the flox catalog yet. I am not sure of the timeline of when we will be doing this but in the meantime you have the workaround to use. :+1:

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Ok Robin, I guess we’re all set. Keep up the great work and thanks to the team for the quick responses.

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Howdy, just wanted to follow up and let you know I got this bug fixed this week. You should see it roll out in the next flox release, or you can use it now from the pre-release build.