How to solve a collision error when installing some packages

Hi, I am trying to install some packages but there is a conflict. For example if I try to

flox install jdk
flox install cmake

Then I get an error like

error: collision between `/nix/store/7axnwdf71d8q3d0654nrkv3gc2mcf9nd-zulu19.30.11-ca-jdk-19.0.1/manifest.nix/nix-support/setup-hook' and `/nix/store/n42p5brprynvp15106j1ymvsjbhly27x-cmake-3.24.3/manifest.nix/nix-support/setup-hook'

Is there a way to fix this? (I am using flox 0.1.0-r372-0.0.10-r190)


Hi thanks for flagging! That’s a bug. Will let you know once we have a workaround or fix

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This is fixed in flox-prelease, version 0.1.0-r393-0.0.10-r200. If using the prerelease is still hitting the collision, try creating an environment from scratch and then installing both packages

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It all works now (without even having to recreate the environment). Thanks!