Install package from nix-env / flake / overlay

First off, I read and relate very much to Alternative to .config/nixpkgs/config.nix:packageOverrides - #3 by limeytexan.

I stumbled on this when following the install instructions here (to the user profile): GitHub - guibou/nixGL: A wrapper tool for nix OpenGL application.

Now my question is to how to make this and similar packages ready for flox. I am eyeballing Build and develop custom packages | flox:docs, but wanted to get some insight from the community for the specific nixGL package as well as ideas on these situations in general.

Installing things from arbitrary flakes into an environment is possible with this:

flox install github:guibou/nixGL#nixGLDefault

or add this to your declarative config:

packages."github:guibou/nixGL".nixGLDefault = {};
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Hi @fleimgruber - Did @tomberek’s update address your query or do you need a bit more help to get moving forward?

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Thanks, that worked!

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@robinbrantley thanks for checking back!

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