Release Announcement v0.9.0 (February 15 2024)

Hello everyone!

A new release of Flox is now available.

v0.9.0 introduces breaking changes over v0.3.6 and prior and is a big step towards our v1.0.0 release and general availability. Read more about the release in the release notes.

While this release is missing a few features compared to its predecessor each supported feature is more polished and is a reflection of a lot of input from beta users and user research participants over the past several months. Because of this, we are also opening up FloxHub for the first time–bringing one-command sharing to the Flox CLI. Anyone can sign up to FloxHub with a valid GitHub account. We will be extending to support more sign up methods, such as email, in the future. We have ambitious plans through 2024 and 2025 to bring the full concept that prior versions of Flox explored to you.

As always, we’re here to answer questions.

Great news!

One question. Is it possible to try out 0.9.0 and revert to 0.3.6 in case anything goes wrong? Or is there a possibility that I would lose my existing environments?


The environments are stored in completely different ways so for projects or a ‘home’ environment there will be no overlap with regard to files. that being said there might be some caches that might need to be blown away on a downgrade at worst.

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