Upcoming changes in the flox CLI (0.3.x)

TL;DR: to get to a high quality 1.0 / GA of the flox CLI, we will be changing functionality starting in 0.3.x

Hello! We’ve learned so much from you, our users, and we’re now in a position to drive towards a flox CLI general availability (1.0). During the early beta we explored several concepts, from managed environments that make it easy to operate software at scale to project environments that make it fast to do local development when working across multiple projects and versions.

What’s happening: In the coming weeks we will be making changes to the CLI that simplify the interface and apply the lessons we have learned. If you are keeping up with flox by leveraging the flox pre-release environment or just by upgrading periodically, you will notice changes in behavior starting in 0.3.x as we transition the CLI. Commands will change meaningfully: where they store local information (will streamline into .flox directory, for example), how they interact with flox backend services, and how command options behave to make the commands easier to work with.

As we make these changes, we would love to hear what you think!

Great to hear! Do you expect issues for migrating from 0.2.x to 0.3.x?

I don’t think it’ll be too much of an issue. For the biggest changes we are planning a migration. We are in an early beta so some changes may not have a smooth migration but we are here to help with anything you encounter.

As an aside, once we are generally available (1.0.0+), you can expect formal deprecation warnings, a grace period, and migration functions for major changes from there.

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