Release Announcement: v1.0.4 (23 April 2024)

Hello everyone!

A new release of Flox is now available.

v1.0.4 introduces smaller improvements and bug fixes over v1.0.3 . Read more about the release in the release notes .

As always, we’re here to answer questions!

Flox 1.0.4 has the nice new feature of disabling the prompt modification, but it only seems to work with new environments. In the feature’s PR it says you can fix existing environments by rebuilding them but it never explicitly lays out the process to rebuild them. How does someone go about rebuilding their environment to enable this new feature for existing environment? Thanks!

We haven’t exposed that nicely. You could make a change to the environment (install something, add whitespace to a hook). If it’s a local environment, you can rm -r .flox/run

Both flox install [..] and making a change with flox edit triggered the environment rebuild. Thanks!

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