Small typo in the help

The help text for flox push/pull mixes up to and from

push    send environment metadata from remote registry
pull    pull environment metadata to remote registry

thanks for spotting this! I have created the PR for the change which will eventually be merged, etc by one of the engineers. :slight_smile:

Hey @robinbrantley Do we have to create PR on flox/flox repo or the source is closed as of now?

Here’s another fix.

create             create an envirnment

Hi @kranurag7, thanks for reporting this and for your query. Yes, you can submit PRs on flox/flox but I’m also more than happy to take care of it as well when reported here in discourse. Whichever of the two is easier for you. :+1:

I’ve created a PR for this typo which will get merged, etc by one of the engineers and incoroporated with the next release. :slight_smile:

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