Flox push issue with 1.0.4

I just tried to push an environment and got the following error

❯ flox push -d $FLOX/ockam
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✅ Authentication complete
✅ Logged in as etorreborre
❌ ERROR: failed to push environment: Git failed with: [exit code 1]
  stdout: To https://api.flox.dev/git/etorreborre/floxmeta
!	refs/heads/ockam.9c6cb214:refs/heads/ockam	[remote rejected] (hook declined)

  stderr: remote: *** Unexpected files found: 1/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 10/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 11/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 12/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 13/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 14/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 15/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 16/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 17/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 18/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 19/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 2/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 20/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 21/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 22/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 23/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 24/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 25/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 26/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 27/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 28/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 29/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 3/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 30/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 31/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 32/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 33/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 34/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 35/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 36/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 37/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 38/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 39/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 4/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 40/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 41/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 42/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 43/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 44/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 45/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 46/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 47/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 48/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 49/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 5/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 50/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 51/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 52/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 53/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 54/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 55/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 56/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 57/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 6/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 7/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 8/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: 9/env/manifest-old.lock
remote: FATAL: VREF/validate-env: helper program exit status 256
remote: error: hook declined to update refs/heads/ockam
error: failed to push some refs to 'https://api.flox.dev/git/etorreborre/floxmeta'

Anything you want me to have a look at?

I have the same issue with flox-1.0.3 and flox-1.0.2

Thanks for the bug report and apologies for the inconvenience! Ironically you’re tripping over the effects of a hook that we created to prevent exactly this problem of introducing extraneous files to environment repositories, and your experience highlights that we neglected to create a “cleanup” method to help our early adopters recover from this situation.

For now I’ve manually updated your “ockam” environment to remove the extraneous “manifest-old.lock” files, so if you flox pull --force (or just blow away your local working copies and start again) you shouldn’t have this problem anymore.

I’ll keep a copy of your old bare repository on the server until you confirm that all is well - please let us know how it goes!

FYI I also checked that your other environments didn’t have any extraneous files so you should be good to go for the others. :+1:

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Thanks Michael, I have pulled and pushed some modifications, everything is working fine.

we neglected to create a “cleanup” method to help our early adopters recover from this situation.

Don’t worry, that’s a classic when iterating fast :-).