Question about flox pull -f

The help says:

-f, --force       Forceably pull the environment When pulling a new environment, adds the system
                      to the manifest if the lockfile is incompatible and ignores eval and build errors.
                      When pulling an existing environment, overrides local changes.

But if I pull twice with -f I am getting an error:

❌ ERROR: Cannot pull a new environment into an existing one

This seems to contradict the help saying “When pulling an existing environment, overrides local changes”. Is this a bug?

You’re right, that’s not what I would expect either. Created an issue for this - Flox pull --force also can overwrite the environment itself · Issue #1205 · flox/flox · GitHub

What it’s doing today: it’s checking for upstream divergence…pull with --force will allow you to overwrite your local copy of the environment’s history with the history from upstream.

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