I can't install the 1Password cli package

The package is listed as _1password. When I try to install it I get:

error: path '/nix/store/kx4vixac7vzcp0qywjmmd3xdb1jdvxi7-1password-cli-2.15.0' does not exist and cannot be created

Maybe this is an issue related to the special package name? Thanks

Hi @etorreborre - looking into this there are two related issues. The first issue is that the _1password package is “unfree”, and the second is that the catalog entry for this package is trying to serve up a path that does not exist in the NixOS binary cache.

A workaround would be to install the package from its nixpkgs derivation, while setting the env variable override to allow the building of unfree packages:

NIXPKGS_ALLOW_UNFREE=1 flox install 'nixpkgs#_1password'

We are working to build a better experience around the use of unfree packages and really appreciate your feedback - many thanks!

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Thanks Robin, I didn’t know that unfree packages were a thing :slight_smile:

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