Couldn't install ookla-speedtest package


I wasn’t able to install ookla-speedtest package, tested this with flox 0.2.2-r519 on Ubuntu and Debian on several servers, and I have NIXPKGS_ALLOW_UNFREE=1:

❯ flox install unstable.ookla-speedtest
warning: input 'flox' has an override for a non-existent input 'nixpkgs-flox'
warning: input 'flox' has an override for a non-existent input 'nixpkgs-flox'
error: path '/nix/store/k6kq69k5cbc7xa7a41al5byk139d7pn0-ookla-speedtest-1.2.0' does not exist and cannot be created
(use '--show-trace' to show detailed location information)

ERROR: failed to install packages: flake:nixpkgs-flox#evalCatalog.x86_64-linux.unstable.ookla-speedtest

The warning input 'flox' has an override for a non-existent input 'nixpkgs-flox' is constantly present, also when I do a simple flox upgrade, I don’t know what I should do to get rid of it.

I read a post of @robinbrantley to another similar issue, so I tested her recommended solution, and it worked:

❯ flox install 'nixpkgs#ookla-speedtest'
warning: input 'flox' has an override for a non-existent input 'nixpkgs-flox'
Installed 'nixpkgs#ookla-speedtest' package(s) into 'default' environment.

I’m still in the learning phase regarding flox/nix, and would like to know if that warning and the solution suggested by Robin are related issues, I thought using nixpkgs channel was enough to use nixpkgs repository/cacche. Here’s my configured channels:

❯ flox channels

      CHANNEL    │ TYPE │               URL
    flox         │ flox │ github:flox/floxpkgs/master
    nixpkgs-flox │ flox │ github:flox/nixpkgs-flox/master

I hope you can explain me a little bit what’s going on, and thanks for your excellent work and support. :slight_smile:

I don’t believe the warnings are related. I’m also not able to install this package on my system.

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Hi @robinbrantley, any chance someone can check the OP ?

Thanks for the help.

Hi @alexdelprete - I hope you are having a lovely weekend!

I assume you are referring to the explanation I posted here? As you found, there are two related issues. The first issue being the package is “unfree” (hence you set the env variable override to allow the building of unfree packages), and the second is that for unfree packages the NixOS binary cache does not exist and the workaround installs the package from its nixpkgs derivation. We are still planning to make the experience around the use of unfree packages much better but we simply haven’t gotten there yet.

As for the warning warning: input 'flox' has an override for a non-existent input 'nixpkgs-flox' , this is completely unrelated and spurious and should simply be ignored. It is an unrelated message we need to squelch - thank you for bring it to our attention.

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Hi @robinbrantley, thanks as always for your kind explanation, have a great weekend. :slight_smile:

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