Release Announcement v0.3.5 (October 12 2023)

Hi everyone!

A new release is now available.

v0.3.5 introduces some changes including some bug fixes and feature refinements. Check out the release notes here for more details, and upgrade via your preferred package manager here .

Happy hacking!

Hi Robin,

Unless I’m unaware of something, I am missing some context with the release notes.

the -e flag and other legacy behavior related to environments

“legacy” with respect to what new design? Is it described anywhere? Is there an updated/in-progress documentation that we can read for what’s coming up?

Feel free to say “no, we’re putting all our energy towards finishing 1.0, and then we’ll have all the updated docs” :-).

give us feedback as we transition

About the new flags, wouldn’t --local / --remote be better than --dir / --remote?

Hi Eric! Hope you had a good weekend :slight_smile:

yes, once we are further along with the fundamental GA changes, we hope to start updating the docs to match. As the replacement -e behaviour isn’t finished we haven’t updated the docs yet and therefore things are a bit out of sync. In the meantime the passthru option mentioned in the release notes is a stop-gap to allow users like you to keep using flox. I suspect the docs likely won’t fully match up until we are closer to finishing 1.0.

re the naming of the new flags, I will pass this along to our Product head @ghudgins, thanks for the suggestion!

hey Eric, we’re going to be testing the options here soon with newer users so will wait to see how the option names are or are not understood. We chose --dir because with some of the changes we are making a .flox in a random directory might refer to a remote. so calling it local might not actually be appropriate in all cases. also we are trying to signal that this new option will accept a path. that being said, if we find it’s not that easy to understand we’ll definitely make adjustments! appreciate the perspective!

Thanks for the explanation. I understand there’s only so much meaning that we can put in a single name :slight_smile:.

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