Stability missing from flox search?

I was not understanding why flox upgrade did not bump a version of yq-go to newest that has some nice patches. I used flox search -l yq-go to see if new version is available and it was. But it seems by default packages are installed in stable stability. It’s not visible because it’s default and I had to issue flox install unstable.nix-pkgs.yq-go to get new version (along the old no-stability-defined one)

Was there a change to not show stabilities in search? It makes things confusing, maybe not now after I understood the default is stable and stability has to be changed manually if newer version is needed.

Is the new recommendation using the @ version instead of stabilities?

We did indeed make some changes to simplify search results.

Part of the new recommendation indeed is to use the @ version. I am looking into having our documentation updated to reflect what we recommend when people are looking to install outside of the stable stability. i’ll follow up ASAP when I have more information than this, and thank you so much!