Typo in "Environments"?

It says

Nix users will also be interested to know that the flox package "triple" of <channel>.<stability>.<name> maps to flake references that are known to have been built successfully and are available for substitution from a binary cache

I suppose that it should be <stability>.<channel>.<name> instead? (and opens the question of what becomes of the @version in relation to the flake)

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Thanks, you’re right, we got something mixed up there.

in the flake we have attributes for each known version as mypkg@version, the attribute mypkg refers to mypkg@<latest version>

We might need to clarify that as part of the name

Thanks for highlighting - we changed the order from <channel>.<stability>.<name> to <stability>.<channel>.<name> a few months back and didn’t spot the documentation bug, now fixed. :+1:

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