Suggestions for Flox/Nix newbies

Hi there! I’m pretty new to Nix and am excited to have found Flox. My suggestion/request is that this discourse site could have a section for people like me with a few curated posts and answers from the community to help me get started. I’ve read through a lot of individual questions, but it would be nice to have some sort of organization around this. It would kind of help guide me to the most useful community-driven/ Q&A-driven content available. Just a thought!


Hi @Cameron_Joyner - what a great idea! We have been focused mainly on updating the docs to get people started with flox and will be looking to expand them to include such things as examples and an FAQ section. We can also look into how those efforts may further link into our discourse community as much of the information sounds like it will likely overlap.
Thanks again for the suggestion!


Hello @robinbrantley
I am new to Flox. I am trying to build a project around Flox and Nix ecosystem. Is there any discord or matrix server for Flox so that I can contact directly with the community? I know we have Nixos discord server but if there was something for Flox then it would have been much easier to contact other Floxers.

I was also searching for online community meetings where I can join to know more about Flox community, are there any meetings online and if yes then how I can join them?

Hello chococandy on the forum :slight_smile: I believe this is nice place to get help, I don’t really feel how Discord would be better. Can you explain your reasoning?


Hi @chococandy! Thanks for getting in touch! Yes, we do have flox discord and matrix servers, the details to join those are in the flox repo README. Generally speaking, as @anon59756714 implies, most of the community activity is currently here in discourse. This is also where we make various announcements, etc in order to keep our community up to date. :slight_smile:

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Hi @anon59756714 , I was talking about Discord because I thought it would like an unofficial place where we can talk to the community members about our personal nix projects and can have some friendly talks around nix ecosystem. But I see this forum is also good for official and informative discussions.

Thanks for sharing the links !! Looking forward to engage with the Nix community : )